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I work with beautiful people who have awakened, experienced a glimpse of what’s possible and yearn for their next steps to be revealed.

Bottom line, I get people moving in their deeply desired direction.

Want to know what that looks like for you?

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“To know and not yet do, is to not yet know” Lao Tzu

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Hanns On Community

If your vibe attracts your tribe…join the conversation in the Hanns On Coaching Facebook Group. Connect with like minded, passionate game changers, share the experience and the expansive joy of co-creation.

Hanns On Courses

Inspirational programs designed to get you connected to the community you were born to serve.It starts with the most powerful connection of all…Getting You Connected to YOU…best of all this step is 100% FREE. Click the image to Get Connected.

Hanns On Coaching

Connecting with Deb to co-design your call to service, connects power and purpose to your mission.Be an AMBASSADOR for your calling. Request of your obligation free Discovery Call to trial the best fit for you.


  • Deb embodies compassion in its true definition...

    I’ve known Deb Hann for five years as teacher, coach, mentor and friend. Deb embodies compassion in its true definition – she has both the capacity to empathise with whatever obstacle you’re facing, as well as the ability to encourage you onward. And she is constantly learning and growing, holding herself accountable in a quiet but determined way so that its impossible for you not to do the same. I count myself truly lucky to have found my way into her orbit!

    Lisa Forrest
    Olympian and Founder
  • Deb gave me encouragement and true guidance...

    When I first began to work with Deb I was seeking guidance in the world of coaching. I was unsure of what I'm doing and how I needed to be? Deb gave me a gentle push through encouragement and true guidance. Our relationship evolved to more than just a mentor. I have reached out to her on numerous occasions. Her coaching has a way of bringing me back to an abundant state of resourcefulness and believing in my capabilities. I'm so honoured to have had the chance to work with her as she has been an integral part in my growth since I've met her.

    Toleen Badawi
    Life Coach and NLP Practitioner
  • Debs coaching style suits me perfectly

    I have been fortunate to have had Deb as an ongoing Life/Business Coach for the past 12 months – and am continuing to work with her on a regular basis. Debs coaching style suits me perfectly. She has a natural ability to tap into and sort through what is happening in my mind. Through the process of questioning and encouraging, Deb has helped me to expand on my business and push forward in avenues that I have not yet explored. Debs coaching unearths creativity, spontaneity and new growth for me. If you are seeking to go into business, expand your business, or simply want helping sorting your ‘stuff’ in life, I highly recommend Deb Hann.

    Jason Stephenson
    Relax Me Online Australia Pty Ltd

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