As a coach and catalyst for change, I help people grow the business of their dreams, by creating the conditions to see them thrive and be the difference they most desire.

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Live Your Vision

You work with me because at some point you had a vision about how life was going to play out for you.  You work with me because you’ve already taken action on that vision, you’re qualified, you’re ready to be the difference you’ve dreamed of being, you so want to start.

Cue problem…your vision is BIG and getting BIGGER by the day…overwhelm clouds your definition.

You know you need to start, to take that first step…confusion and doubt about which step, where and how …is keeping you stuck or playing small. You had that vision for a reason…there is a whole world out there populated with the people you and your vision were born to serve. By working with me, you’ll create the conditions for you to thrive, to stand up and stand out in the crowd creating connection opportunities for you and your people.

I Coach.

Be an ambassador for your deepest desires. There’s a package to suit your position, from the Ignite series…yep – let’s fan those passion flames…through to Elite – bring on the burn…your fire is burning, your vision is craving thrive…let’s do this!!

I Empower.

Coaching is great in the moment for clarity and designing action. It’s what happens between sessions that makes the real difference to you and your uber cool people. Get yourself resourced for communication and connection.

I Share.

What’s the point of keeping all the good news a secret!?! “Share the fun and see it done” is a fundamental principle and philosophy . We grow by sharing our stories with each other…what does and doesn’t work…and all that jazz.

Deb has helped me to expand on my business and push forward in avenues that I have not yet explored. Debs coaching unearths creativity, spontaneity and new growth for me. If you are seeking to go into business, expand your business, or simply want helping sorting your ‘stuff’ in life, I highly recommend Deb Hann.

– Jason Stephenson CEO, Relax Me Online

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