The subconscious is a powerful bitch!!

WOW what a ride this 2014 has been so far…

If someone had told me I would take a flying leap of faith out of a perfectly good plane at 10,000ft or walk across hot coals with my bare feet…I’d have had them committed.

Well I’ve done both and never felt more alive!

Something interesting happened in the lead up to both occasions…maybe you’ve had similar experiences…

SKYDIVE… With a strong dose of bravado, I signed onto the JDRF JUMP to Cure Diabetes sky dive and to ensure I couldn’t back out….raised a couple grand…AND  because I’m a responsible parent, encouraged my 24 year old son jumped with me.

There was no way I was going to back out of this event, I was part of a corporate team, I had financial sponsorship and I certainly wasn’t going to chicken out in front of my son…especially given my son is BATMAN…that’s a whole other story for another time.

So there it is all sorted, I’m leveraged to the max with accountability…Right?  

Cue the cunning call of my subconscious….

“You’re doing what???!!!  Not on my watch you’re not. Only a mad person would jump out of a perfectly good plane”

Now I dip my hat to the cunning style of this power hungry biatch…it threw a few massive hurdles my way…the most significant being a low back spasm that at points had me crawling. It was literally behaving like an over protective parent…” I’m doing this for your own good, you can’t do the jump if you can’t walk.”

Well nice try b*tch!

It would have been real easy to make up a BED time story blaming my body…again….totally not my fault; I couldn’t help it blah blah blah….

The back pain started a few weeks out from the jump, and as I had had the back deal before – I figured it would pass in time and all would be fine on the day. Well not quite…instead the closer to jump day the more the pain and physical limitations intensified.

At the beginning of the JUMP week, it was ridiculous and I genuinely started to consider my options…I knew if necessary I could delay my jump by a week or 2 as a last resort.

Now I need to stress, this was my experience and my choice and is in no way a recommendation or and form of advice….because I just might be on the interesting side of crazy 😉

In JUMP week, I fought like crazy to jump out of a perfectly good plane for an even better reason! There were the benefits to insulin dependent diabetes medical research; there was the accountability to my financial sponsors, as well as a commitment to my son.

I had Bowen therapy, chiropractic treatment, meditated my ass off…as well as medicated…just to jump out of a plane. I had been reassured by every medical professional I’d seen, there we no bulging discs or structural damage…I was literally tied in knots.

So for the body workers reading this now…you’re spot on.

I’ve been living and working inside the professional growth arena for many years now, and certainly in the early days, each time I went and returned from some mind blowing experience, my lower back (sacral) would freak out…and I wonder why?

So here I am about to jump out of a plane!!!! Is it any wonder my uneducated fearful over protective parent body was having a melt down!!!

On the eve of JUMP day, I resolved I was going to jump anyway…went to bed early, had a reassuring meditative chat with my body and slept the best I had in days, maybe even weeks.

Guess what, rise and shine its JUMP day and like a champion my back was as loose as the proverbial goose.

Early afternoon, all kitted up in our suits and chutes, I swear I walked 10 foot tail proudly alongside Batman with our sexy tandem divers to our tiny plane and it was all systems go. My niece had coached me previously on, enjoy the free fall aunty Debbie….so when it came time, we’ve reached 10,000ft, the plane door opens….out goes Batman, then it was my turn…with all my  graceful awkwardness, battled with my size 11 feet to get myself in Geronimo pose…and away we flew….WOOOOHOOOO…freedom reigned….I so get the addiction to this experience.

Landed smack bang on my backside, like it was smacking some sense into my sacral belief system. One of the most amazing experiences of my life and even better was able to share it with my eldest son….BATMAN.

So fast forward a few months and the next physical challenge on the personal growth spectrum and has the potential to be viewed as a little on the whacky side….FIRE WALK!!!

This weekend, with my superhero hubby in tow, we attended the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event involving the crazy ass exercise of walking over hot coals.

There was a feeble attempt to distract, but my resourcefulness was stronger….and I can claim with all my power and resourcefulness I AM A FIRE WALKER!

The point to this blog is, don’t buy in to the bull shit your body is delivering without first testing. Yes our subconscious is a powerful bitch…and lots of times THANK GOODNESS. Its job is to keep you alive and to protect you from yourself mostly…you know like make crazy death defying decisions.

The difference is  its mostly driven out of FEAR  (False Evidence Appearing Real), get alongside your fear, reassure your fears…acknowledge and address the concerns…you will be amazed at how ridiculously amazing you will become at resourcing FAITHful (Finding Answers in the Heart) outcomes.

If hindsight is the perfect vision – when, where and how has your body limited your sense of possibility? What will you do next time your body throws out the “not on my watch” line?